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Sutton Hoo Celtic Interlace Design

Tapestry Designer: Karen Dixon

Sutton Hoo Tapestry Pillow

The design for this tapestry kit is based on one of a pair of seventh century AD shoulder clasps from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England. The original clasps are constructed of gold, with garnet and coloured glass cloisonné decoration. Each clasp consists of two panels, hinged centrally, and joined together by a gold pin. The back of each clasp of provided with staples by which they can be sewn on to the shoulders of a two piece garment.

The clasps came from an extremely rich ship burial, the finds from which included a helmet, shield, sword, buckle, sceptre, lyre and various vessels, all of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Although evidence of a body is lacking, it is believed that this grave or cenotaph belonged to the East Anglian King Rĉdwald, who died in AD 624/5. The objects from this find are housed in the British Museum, London, England.


The tapestry is worked on 10hpi canvas and measures 20in x 15in (50cm x 38cm) suitable for a pillow or cushion.

Sutton Hoo: Tapestry Kit
Kit contains Zweigart (10hpi) tapestry canvas, Anchor wool, black and white symbol chart, needle and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 105.24

Sutton Hoo: Printed Tapestry Canvas and Pattern Pack
Zweigart (10hpi) colour printed tapestry canvas, black and white chart and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 62.34

Sutton Hoo: Pattern Pack
Black and white chart and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 52.65

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