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Shaker Patchwork Peacocks

Tapestry Designer: Karen Dixon

Patchwork Hearts Quilt Tapestry Kit

This gorgeous design is based on peacock motifs from various forms of American Shaker folk art. Peacocks were an extremely popular motif, and they were sometimes considered to symbolise the 'eye of God'.

The central square is based on a two-handled jar that was originally painted in deep green and yellow. The panel to the top right is inspired by a painted tinsmith's sign from about 1830. Below this, is a design taken from an appliquéd bride's coverlet dating to 1858 to 1863. During this century it became a popular tradition for the bride-to-be to make 13 quilts before she was married: twelve would be for everyday use, whilst the thirteenth was only used for special occasions. Whilst friends could help stitch the everyday quilts, the wedding quilt could only be worked by the bride herself. It is very interesting to note, that due to the high cost of fabric, the backing and interlining material were not purchased until the wedding was absolutely certain to proceed! Sadly, it seems that this quilt was never finished, so we can only surmise that the wedding was called off. The long panel in the bottom right corner is from an 1860 beautiful paper cut out scene, a very popular form of artwork during the 19th century. Next to this, in the bottom left corner is another motif taken from the same bride's coverlet mentioned above. The peacock design above this comes from a display towel dating from 1787. These towels were only for show and were brought out for special occasions. The final panel, in the centre of the top row, is inspired by an embroidered kettle holder.

The tapestry measures 11¾” x 11½” (30cm x 29cm) and is worked on 12 gauge canvas. It is available on either printed canvas or unprinted canvas suitable for a pillow or cushion.

Shaker Patchwork Peacocks Tapestry Kit
Kit contains Zweigart (12hpi) tapestry canvas, Anchor wool, black and white symbol chart, needle and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 69.55

Shaker Patchwork Peacocks Printed Tapestry Canvas and Pattern Pack
Zweigart (12hpi) colour printed tapestry canvas, black and white chart and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 42.25

Shaker Patchwork Peacocks Pattern Pack
Black and white chart and instructions.
inc. VAT
(sales tax)
Approx US$ 33.74

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